Staking poolJerry the Strawberry 🍓 welcomes you to the staking pool! Deposit your TFF tokens and earn even more delicious Tutti Frutti! 🍉
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Read before making a deposit into the staking pool.


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You have a pending claim request of tokens. You need to wait more until you will be able to collect your rewards. You can cancel your claim request at any time.


Upon requesting a claim of pending rewards, a 24 hour unlocking period will take place during which you cannot withdraw your deposited tokens and rewards will not accumulate for your staked assets.

To resume receiving rewards after the unlocking period the user must either confirm or decline their claim.



After depositing into the staking pool, a one week lock period will commence during which there is a 20.0 % withdrawal fee. After the one week lock period runs out, the withdrawal fee will be lowered to a permanent 2.0 %. The reward is split as following:

50 % treasury
25 % community rewards
25 % burn

Each subsequent deposit will reset the locking period.

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