- Co-Founder & Software Engineer -

Hey! A few words about myself hmm... I've been a developer since early age. Worked in some well known companies across Europe. I've dabbled in mobile application development, automated testing as well as in web development. Proficient in Java, C#, some Chinese :).

Besides my programming life I've played professional basketball for multiple years, ran some marathons. I try to fill my everyday life with sports like swimming, running, fitness. Never finished college and I am quite tall.

I think that sums me up. If you desire to know more you can contact me on Twitter.

Twitter: @walkeraki

- Co-Founder & Blockchain Engineer -

Hello everyone! Happy to share some details about myself with you! I've been a crypto enthusiast since 2016 when I started my own mining farm. Since then I've been busy with software & blockchain programming, studied economics and have experience from working in financial institutions, where I've worked on bringing traditional financial products to the blockchain. I've been active in big financial instutions such as private banks in Europe for the past few years.

I've worked on many fintech blockchain projects recently, but now I'm happy say that I'm building something by myself and a friend with high aspirations.

Personally I'm into technology, music and travelling. I've visited many places of the world and hope to visit many more beautiful locations.

Twitter: @cr4zi3st

- Co-Founder & Product Manager -

Hey everyone! I am Patrick and I have been employed in the mobile app development sector for the last few years and have since started exploring new opportunities in blockchain. I am a long time crypto investor (started in 2014) and advisor for digital currency startups.

I really think that crypto is the way to go and as we can see now, the whole crypto ecosystem has really shook some old foundations in the financial sector and I love it. Decentralization for the win! I am really excited to be a part of the TFF team where I work as a Product & Strategy Manager and I believe that we will continue to do great things together!

I like to sleep, travel and do all kinds of different sports. Also, I really enjoy going to the cinema!

Twitter: @chung4lunga

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